List of the 50 Best Places to Live 

On the site Money they list the 50 best places to live in the United States for 2024. They looked at quality of life, affordability, thriving economy and diversity. It isn’t surprising that one Utah city made the list. However, I’ll bet the city they chose in Utah will surprise you. 

On the same list as Portland, Maine, Chattanooga Tennessee, and Babcock Ranch, Florida is...Ogden, Utah. This is not a slam on Ogden, it just isn’t the first place you think of for best places to live. That still sounds like a slam. 


Ogden Has What You Are Looking For 

They note that Ogden is close to ski resorts, has Weber State University and great shopping. It also has a growing tech industry. Just up the canyon is Huntsville with a reservoir and mountain trails for hiking and biking. The economy is doing well and Ogden deserves to be on the list. 

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So why would I be surprised? I get used to seeing Park City, St. George and Moab when it comes to outdoor fun. Provo/Orem has received a lot of publicity for the quality of life and Salt Lake boasts shopping and diversity. I’m just not used to seeing Ogden as a destination. 

This May Be Ogden’s Time 

I think this list may be on to something. It is time for Ogden to get the recognition it deserves. I am going to visit this fine city and see if I can find a hoodie that says “Ogden, one of the best places to live on earth”. 

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