This article is in no way predicting a nuclear war nor is it an attempt to forecast what might happen if a war were to break out. Thankfully at this point the whole idea is just a speculation event.

Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash

When 911 occurred me and my family were living in Houston, Texas. As the nation grappled with what was happening some of us started to make a count of the resources in our area and the likelihood that our city might be in the cross hairs for an attack.


We had more than a few friends who kept their vehicle trunk full of necessities just in case the worst happened and we had to evacuate.

In a similar mindset, the Daily Mail made a list of the 15 US cities that could be likely targets of a nuclear attack.

Photo by Josh M on Unsplash
Photo by Josh M on Unsplash

I would think that it would include big city targets with strategic locations which it does, but the list also includes a Utah city that may surprise you. Number 10 on the list is Ogden, Utah.

Again, think of resources and strategic advantage to be able to understand how Ogden made the list. With Hill Air Force Base located nearby and other infrastructural entities like the IRS campus, Ogden could be a target for an enemy of the United States.  It is not an insider tip of what cities have been threatened it is just a tactical look at what areas might be considered in an attack.

Here is the sobering list that hopefully will never need to be considered.

15 Cities Most Likely Targeted During a Nuclear Attack

15. Shreveport: Louisiana
14. Cheyenne, Wyoming
13. Great Falls, Montana
12. Colorado Springs, Colorado
11. Albuquerque, New Mexico
10. Ogden, Utah
9. Omaha, Nebraska
8. Honolulu, Hawaii
7. Seattle, Washington
6. Houston, Texas
5. Los Angeles, California
4. Chicago, Illinois
3. San Francisco / Oakland, California
2. New York City, New York
1. Washington D.C.

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