There May Be Items in Your Home Worth Money 

Every Saturday you can drive around Southern Utah and find signs out for someone holding a garage sale. It is always good to clear out the garage and closets and end up with some money in your pocket.  

Before you stack all your old belongings on a table that says "everything here for $2 dollars", make sure you can’t get a lot more online. Here are some items that may be worth more than you realize. 

Electronics Can Bring in the Dough 

I talked with Wes at PayMore in Washington about the items they buy and sell. This is a company that you can bring your items to, and they will check the price people are paying for it on the internet. You can leave with cash if you like the price offered. 

Here are the items you should definitely check your house for as they are worth money. 

Old Cell Phones: 

If you are getting the latest iPhone, the last version still has good value. In fact, if you have any iPhone versions, you should check what they are worth. Most cell phones from the last 4 years are worth money. 

Game Consoles: 

The newer the better, but even an old Atari game systems can bring some cash. If you have a PlayStation II in a closet, see what it is worth to sell it online.  

iPads and Tablets 

If you are picking up a new tablet, sell the old one. These electronics have value so don’t leave them in a drawer collecting dust. 

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PayMore doesn’t give quotes without seeing the item, but a quick check of Ebay showed a listing of a PS2 for $60 and a rare pink edition asking for nearly $700. So, check the closet and see if you can turn some of those old electronics into cash.

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