Cheese Enchiladas Can Tell You A lot About a Place 

We used to take Frazil to radio remotes and Ryan would bring a giant mug and empty whatever was left over when we were finished. Since then, I have been going to lunch with him every few weeks. I went to lunch with Ryan at Los Tapatios on Bluff St. In St. George. 

This was the first time I have eaten at Los Tapatios and I always get the cheese enchiladas when I go to a Mexican food place the first time. They were smothered in red sauce and cheese, and I enjoyed them. They are not the best I have had, but definitely in the top five. 


Ryan got a burrito and a nacho plate. Surprisingly, this filled him up and he ended up taking most of the nacho's home. Ryan rides a bike around during the day and can put away a significant amount of food, so filling him up is an accomplishment. 


Ryan’s Food Review 

The best thing about Ryan is he says exactly what he thinks. He does not sugar coat it. I asked Ryan the following questions about his experience eating at Los Tapatios.  

“How was your meal?"

“It was good.” 

“How would you rate the burrito?” 

“Better than Taco Bell.” 

“And how was the service?” 

“They got me another drink.” 

“Do you feel like the atmosphere added to your experience?” 


“Would you recommend others come eat here?” 

“They will anyways.” 

“Can I use your picture in the article.” 

“No, I do not give my permission.” This was followed by some vague legal threats. 

This is a pretty good review from him and so I would say both of us would recommend Los Tapatios. The atmosphere is fun and inviting, the service was excellent, and the food is good with plenty of it at a reasonable price.  

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Here is one more good thing about this place. We stopped in on one of those super busy weekends in St. George. There was not a wait and there were plenty of people serving. Try it the next time there are tons of people in town.

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