Artificial Intelligence Applied to Menial Tasks 

My friend JT works for an advertising agency. He told me how he is using ChatGPT to do the busy work for his team. It isn’t creating content. It is taking the content created by his people and doing the busy work of disseminating that creative work to different formats. 

When they come up with a message for their client, they then have to tailor that message to different formats of social media and traditional media. This is where AI helps. It automatically takes the message and formats it to fit radio, television, Facebook, X, and YouTube.  

AI App for Preachers Does the Busy Work 

The head of a church congregation works on a sermon for several hours to deliver on Sunday. They would like this sermon to continue to influence their parishioners throughout the week. In the past, someone would take the message and send it out on the church’s website and social media. 

A new app  has been developed to help churches do this by using AI in the same way my friend is. It takes the pastor’s words and breaks it out for different formats. Those using it say it is a huge time saver and extends the usefulness of the message. It is appreciated by their members who can ponder the words during the week. 

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It is called Pulpit AI and could be helpful for the churches here in Utah including for the LDS faith. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are often called on to teach lessons to children, youth and adults, and maybe this app would be helpful in extending that Sunday lesson.

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