Do You Skip Work For Sports? 

Betway USA surveyed 2,000 sports fans across the United States and asked if they had skipped work to attend or watch a game. Of all the fans who responded, those in Utah were most likely to call in absent at work. 

78% of people who responded in Utah said they had taken time off for sports. The next closest was Colorado with 70% who said they had told their boss they were not coming in. 

Here are the results: 

Utah with 78% of respondents.

Colorado with 70% of respondents.

Maryland with 67% of respondents.

South Carolina with 65% of respondents. 

California with 65% of respondents. 

Texas with 65% of respondents. 

Kansas with 64% of respondents. 

Illinois with 63% of respondents. 

Florida with 62% of respondents. 

Tennessee with 62% of respondents. 

Why is Utah so prone to call out of work for a game? 

Although many in Utah are passionate about sports, it does seem like those I interact with are not nearly as rabid as someone from Texas or most places in the SEC.  

Football was the game most people took off work for and Utah has no professional team. Maybe that’s why we are taking time off to travel to where a team is. It is possible college football makes up the difference and local teams do stir up a lot of passion. 

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If you are a boss in Utah and someone calls in sick or has to go to a funeral, you may want to check the local sports schedule. 

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