No Fire Ants in Utah 

Growing up in Utah, you may have been told to stay away from the fire ants as they will swarm up your legs and bite you. This would be easy to do as those ants aren’t found in the beehive state. 

Fire ants are imported from South America and can be found in the southeastern part of the United States. They come through agricultural shipments and even hay bells. So far, they have not made their way to Utah. 

But I Have Seen Big Piles of Red Ants 

People often mistake the red harvester ants that are found in Utah as fire ants. These harvester ants are much bigger than fire ants and they also build much larger nests. You can tell a harvester nest as it will have one entrance in the middle. Fire ant nests are accessed by tunnels and there is no entry point on the mound. 

The other good thing about harvester ants is they stay out of houses and buildings as they prefer to be outside. They also move slower and are not as aggressive. Needless to say, you still shouldn’t sit in one of their nests or walk over a pile with bare feet. 

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If you have an infestation of ants, there are many ways to encourage them to go somewhere else. Probably the best way to remove them from your house and yard is to contact a good pest control company. When you do, now you won’t look stupid by saying there are fire ants all over your yard. 

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