Strange Smells in Your House 

If your significant other says they smell coconut or olive oil in the corners of the kitchen, but you smell nothing, you may want to believe them. Turns out some people can smell ants while others can’t, and you may have an ant invasion going on in your house. 

There was a big debate recently on the internet about whether ants smell. A minority of people detect a chemical smell from ants, especially if they have been squished. 

What About Ants Smell? 

Many believe it is the formic acid that ants use to mark a trail or to defend their territory that causes the smell. Others say it is the acid in their stomach’s when squished. According to this site, the smell comes from a chemical called methyl ketones that causes a smell like spoiled coconuts.  

Photo by Peter F. Wolf on Unsplash
Photo by Peter F. Wolf on Unsplash

It isn't always the same smell. Apparently different ants give off different smells. Usually it is a sour chemical smell. They say orange ants can give off a citrus smell. Seems appropriate for their color. 

Why Only Some People Smell It 

The reason only some people smell ants is still being debated. It might be you have a sensitive nose or maybe that those who can’t smell them have never tried. It also may have something to do with genetic differences. 

The issue is controversial. Those who can smell ants are incredulous when they hear some people can’t, and vice versa.

Just know if you can’t identify a sour chemical smell in your kitchen, check for a line of ants making their way behind the floorboards.

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