Gas Tax Revenue Going Away

With more and more people buying electric cars, California and other states have realized these EV owners are not paying the gas tax. That is the tax on each gallon of gas that most states charge at the pump.  

The golden state relies heavily on the revenues from this fuel tax. However, California has laws in place to increase the number of EV’s in the state in the future. Now they are looking at ways to keep that tax money coming in as gas vehicles ownership declines. 

A New Road Tax 

California started a pilot program where they can track vehicles and note down how many miles they travel each day. The idea is to use this information as a way of taxing people for how much they drive on the road.  

Participation in the pilot program has been voluntary and people can either have a electronic device installed that keeps track of the miles or they can report the miles manually. Right now they are getting paid to be part of the program.

This May Be Part of the Reason Californians are Leaving the State 

Part of the reason to get an electric vehicle is to save money at the gas pump. This new tax negates some of that benefit. It is also a little worrisome when you think of the government tracking your vehicle and noting down where you go. 

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Many states including Utah have seen an influx of people moving in from California the last few years. It is no wonder when you see these kinds of proposals moving through the legislature there. 

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