When I see real estate listings like this, I try my best not to be jealous but while I'm often filled with envy, I know it's my own fault.  I could have done better in college.  Where is my time machine to go back and try that again?  Let this be a lesson to your kids.  Do well in school and you get to live here.

Wowie St George Home For Sale

Isn't that a cool place?  Would you have trouble choosing what you are going to do today?  I could play basketball, float in the pool, watch TV.  Look outside while watching TV.  Sit by the fire while watching TV and looking outside.  Do laundry while doing all of that and more.

I don't know that our house was this tidy the day we moved in.  And surely hasn't been that neat since.  On top of the cool stuff inside and out, there's even a huge garage for even more toys.  Since the time machine is (so far) out of the question, I guess I'll have to rely on my lottery ticket runs to Beaver Dam or Colorado City to get me here.

Actually, this place is big enough that a half dozen families could move in to share the expense.  It looks like we'll never see each other.  OK, deep breath now and I'll go back to my house.  I like our house and don't know where I'd put my wife's horses if we lived here.  But I think I'd find a place to store them off-site.  My wife might keep the horses there and store me off-site.

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