You may have noticed a beautiful house high up on a bluff that stands in the Washington Fields area. This amazing structure has been going through different fazes as it has recently re-constructed and improved. 

The high house was originally built by a man who moved to Washington from California. It had smaller windows and lower ceilings and some structural problems. The builder wanted to improve the view with bigger windows and for safety reasons, decided to take down the original house and build a new one on the same footprint. The casita stayed the same with improvements. 

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Although right in the middle of the fields, the house feels secluded and peaceful. They often see deer running past on the drive up and an elk often wanders around near the top. 

Many call it the Post Malone house even though the artist never owned or had anything to do with the place. The story came from some kids who posted it to the internet. Later, someone labeled the road going up as “Post Malone road” on google maps, which was later removed. 

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As you can imagine, you can see for miles from the top and the views from all rooms in the house are magnificent. A helicopter pad has been added with a putting and golf green. There is also a pickle ball court, swimming pool and hot tub. The home is currently for sale at a $10 million asking price. 

Look inside Spacious home on Peak in Washington Fields

House on Nichol's Peak in Washington

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