Jobs No Degree Required 

One of the careers that don’t require a degree is radio. I have been on-air for many years now and I did not need any special education to do so. I do have a four-year degree in English that none of my employers have ever asked for. I am glad I have it now that I do a lot of writing. 

Like my case, there are many jobs you can do without going to college and provide a good income for yourself and a family. They start out with good pay and can increase over time.

Southern Utah Options 

If a traditional college degree isn’t your thing, you live in the right place. St. George is leading the way with the new Career Tech High School where construction, culinary arts, graphic arts are just some of what you can learn.

Dixie Technical College in Washington County and Southwest Tech in Iron County are also great options to learn a trade in a fraction of the time a college degree requires. This is from the Dixie Tech site: 

Dixie Technical College offers 25+ certificate based programs. Each program focuses on mastering the skills you need to move past entry level jobs, begin a career, and earn a great living. You can complete most programs in less than 1 year. 

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So, don’t despair if you don’t want to attend some University, there are many options to find something you love. Here is a list of jobs available in Utah that do not require a degree. 

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