Where Utah Stands on Weapons of Mass Destruction 

Sometimes finding certain laws on the books in Utah makes you wonder what the circumstances were that made someone decide to write that bill in the first place. The section about explosives is one of these. 

There are penalties for possessing, manufacturing, or using explosive devices and on the list it includes a missile or weapons of mass destruction. I need some back story here. Was it just the possibility of something like this happening or did someone actually get pulled over with a missile in their trunk?

Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash
Photo by Marek Studzinski on Unsplash

Will a Law Solve the Problem?

It seems like detonating explosives might have been covered with some of the other laws on the books like destroying property or making a public disturbance. I do think penalties can be a deterrent and so outlawing missile use should keep people in line. 

I guess it would be a problem if someone did have weapons of mass destruction and we didn’t have a law on the books so they could be charged. It does seem like anyone sneaking around Utah with a missile in their trunk would assume they were breaking some sort of law. 

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You’ll be glad to know they also described penalties for using weapons of mass destruction as a hoax. This is probably more important than the rest of the law. Fear of something like that could cause a panic.

So, if someone approaches you outside of Costco to purchase some sort of missile, just walk away. It’s against the law man. 

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