Democracy Lost 

Thousands of Americans woke up recently to the discouraging news that the Creek has fallen. After thousands battled for days to bring democracy to the people in this far off land, in the end it just wasn't enough. 

If you haven’t heard of the battle for Malevelon Creek it is because you haven’t been paying attention to the funniest and coolest thing happening in the gaming world. Helldivers 2 is a game where you can team up with other players on missions to spread democracy to other planets. The soldiers fight robots and bugs to complete objectives that contribute to the campaign. 

Were You There when the Creek Fell? 

After slogging through weeks of the campaign on this virtual world, these gamers flipped on their computers only to discover the planet had fallen back into the hands of the tyrants. What happened next is what you see when passionate, creative people unite in the age of the internet. 


Helldiver fans tend towards the melodramatic. It started with people mourning the loss and sharing their last battles on internet forums. Soon others were sharing a rallying cry to reclaim the Creek. Speeches and poems were written, memes detailing heroic deeds followed. Merch featuring propaganda to further war effort was offered. 

Is This More Than a Video Game? 

This is just a game on the internet, right? Watching the creativity as people envision the world of the Helldivers has been fun to watch. And in a weird way, kind of inspiring. Even though the story is dystopian, reading the passion and desire to spread democracy and the cause of liberty stirs something in my soul. 

I guess what I’m wondering is this: Is the passion of these gamers fighting battles to help others a reflection of something deeper? Do we miss some of the great causes our nation and world faced in the past?

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Or maybe it's just a lot of fun to be a part of a group trying to accomplish something. Whatever the answer is, I hope it keeps going for a while. 

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