Mississippi, Louisiana and West Virginia are Not Good for Seniors 

The 2024 Senior Report from the United Health Foundation is out with information about America’s older generation and the struggles and successes they are having as they age. As part of the report, they ranked the healthiest states in the union for seniors. 

They looked at each state for the physical environment, the economy, as well as what is offered with healthcare and the overall healthiness of the older population. Mississippi was dead last. If you live here, you may want to move. 

Where Is the Best State for Seniors? 

If you decide to move, head west. The healthiest state for seniors is right here in Utah. The report says there has been improvements in senior’s connectedness and the availability of clinics, but economic factors are squeezing older folk’s pocketbooks. 

The good economic situation in the beehive state is one reason Utah faired so well in the report. The clean air and overall healthy people had a big impact as well. Also, Utah has access to good health care. 

If not Utah, then Where? 

The other top states include our neighbor Colorado followed by Vermont, New Hampshire and Minnesota. It surprises me that all these states are relatively cold. There aren’t any of the places with temperate weather like Florida or California in the top five. 

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Just moving to Utah may not increase your chances of living better unless you are already living a healthy lifestyle. Still, it can’t hurt. 

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