Civil War Movie 

A new movie about the United States falling into war is out and playing in theatres. “Civil War” depicts armed conflict in America in the very near future. With the unsettled feeling in the country and the divide in politics, this movie has caught the attention of people in Utah. 

The movie does not describe a war like the one between the states where they were divided north and south, but one where different military groups and rebel factions rise up. The conflict is all over the country. The movie follows journalists who are trying to document what is happening. 

Preparedness in Utah 

There are people getting prepared for civil unrest all over the nation and Utah is no exception. In fact, Utahns have been preparing for disasters since members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints began moving to the west. 

Because of having their eye on the future and preparedness, many in the state are taking note of this new movie. The scenario depicted on screen of local warlords taking over parts of the country and fighting one another feels like a real possibility. 

Conversation Online 

Housewife Prepper is just one of many who talk about preparedness and what to do in different situations. Millions view her content and it will surely increase with people seeing this movie. This will heighten people thinking about getting prepared in the beehive state as well.

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What do you think? Will you see the movie? Are you thinking about preparedness more? 

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