Footage of Humanoid Figure Running through Mountain Snow in Utah 

A video filmed in Utah of a figure running uphill in the Utah mountains in deep snow has captured over a million views on YouTube. The two men filming were recording with their phone in front of a spotting scope from over a mile away. 

Because of how they were filming it, the footage is jerky and hard to see. In the linked clip, they stabilized it making it easier and then they also zoom in closer. It does seem to be someone running at a pretty good clip. 

Is Sasquatch the King of Hide and Go Seek? 

It is hard for me to believe that bigfoot has been able to avoid any detection except for shaky videos for the last century or so. On the other hand, I don’t have an explanation for someone running across a snowy mountain peak all by themselves. 

I also don’t know how these two even spotted the figure in the first place, but they do seem sincere. If I were going to fake a bigfoot sighting, I would get a shot from closer than what they provided. 

Are There Other Explanations for Sasquatch 

Some people think the bigfoot is something else, maybe a ghost or a fallen angel. There have has been a book and podcasts saying the ancient giants from the bible called the Nephilim explain bigfoot sightings.  

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What do you think? Does the footage from the Wasatch mountains make you wonder if there is something to it? As for myself, I am still hoping someone finally gets an up-close shot of the big guy and we can tell him he is the world champion for the hiding game. 

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