How would you feel about using artificial intelligence here in Utah to discover threats to a school before it takes place? This company Iveda says they can use existing surveillance equipment to install AI that can see a threat coming before it happens. 

In a story for Fox Business, the CEO of the company, David Ly, described how it works. 

He said that Iveda’s AI tools can detect weapons based on their silhouette. "It does not wait for you to open the door and wave it around. That’s the secret to the technology. That’s really the value to the technology, that it’s hopefully becoming a mitigation tool, a prevention tool an early detection tool." 

They describe how the software could discover the threat and automatically lock doors and notify authorities. This is done by collecting data on individuals and then analyzing it. This gathering of information and the facial recognition software is what makes most people uncomfortable with it.  

Photo by Joe Gadd on Unsplash
Photo by Joe Gadd on Unsplash

Anytime you collect information on individuals for the sake of labeling them as a threat, it is open for abuse. For example, if the threat to the school migrates from people with weapons, to parents unhappy with the curriculum, that wouldn’t be good.  

There are two school districts in Arizona who are using the technology as a backup for their current security procedures. They feel it has been helpful in their efforts to protect students in the schools. 

I like the idea generally. If you placed big signs saying that the school is protected by AI and you are currently being watched, that would probably do as much to deter bad guys as anything else.

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