AI That Helps NASA Could Help Teachers 

Teachers in Utah have a big job. Their students are at different levels and determining what each student needs and meeting those needs can be tricky. The solution may be artificial intelligence developed by NASA to assess problems and provide solutions. 

This was technology developed to help dock capsules to the space station. It was used to repair equipment while in orbit. The AI was used to analyze the problem being worked on in space and suggest solutions to those doing the work.  

This same process has been adapted help doctors doing surgery. It has been used specifically in brain surgery. The AI uses sensors that probe the area being repaired. It analyzes the need and then feeds the information to the surgeon who determines what to do next. 

AI Can Assist in the Instructor on Student Needs 

This technology has been applied to language and can be used in the classroom. As the computer interacts with each child, it can analyze what the different students needs are and recommend a personalized curriculum to the teacher. It won’t replace the instructor but supply them with solutions. 

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With this information, the teacher can help each child in a group with similar needs that fit them or even each child with their own personalized program. This could be a huge benefit to Utah’s schools. Even in a large classroom setting, with the help of this technology, the teacher can meet each child where they need it.

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