A Simple Way to Make Your Child Safer in the Water? 

It is summer in Southern Utah, and it feels like an oven. Kids gravitate to the nearest body water to splash around. Water can be a blast and a hazard, especially for kids from one to four. The color of their suit may make all the difference. 

Alive Solutions is a company that tested what colors were easiest to see in the pool. They found neon colors showed up best in the blue water with a blue or gray bottom. They found light colors or patterns looked like a reflection. 

What Colors are Best? 

The best colors were yellow, orange and green in bright neon and all solid. This will help a lifeguard or parent spot the child easily if they sink under water. With time at a premium in these situations, the sooner they spot the child, the better. 


I had this happen at a pool a few years ago. The pool had a large shallow area where my son was playing. There were a lot of kids splashing around and many parents sitting around the side talking.  

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My son walked just past where the water went over his face. He started to panic and went in further. He was not wearing a bright suit and no one noticed. Luckily, my sister-in-law Lisa felt a prompting. She saw the dark form and leaped in. He was fine and it all turned out good. 

He’s much larger now, but I think I will go get him a neon yellow suit just in case. 

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