Nobody wants to get into an accident, and we are all aware of what makes conditions unsafe. Maybe it’s time to not just read about driving safely but apply it even when we want to get to our destination really, really bad.

It’s easy to point fingers and shake our heads at other drivers, however, I know I have been guilty of some stupid things and I’m guessing you have too.  I think if we were to make a conscious effort to own our bad driving habits and try to focus on doing better, we could save ourselves and others a lot of pain.   

The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the busiest travel time and accident double as compared to the rest of the year according to Zero Fatalities. With the goal of making the roads safer, they have listed on their website the top four leading causes of all crashes on Utah Highways: 


1. Following too closely. You know this as tailgating. There’s the rule of 2 seconds between, but if that other car looks too close to react, slow down a bit. It will only cost you a few seconds in the long run. 


2. Failing to yield the right of way. This is called running red lights. If you are hitting the gas when it turns yellow, you are doing it wrong. Stay out of intersections and oncoming traffic. 


3. Too Fast for Conditions. Snow, slush, rain flowing on the road does not mean go faster. You can find a speed that won't get you run over by a diesel and also keeps from sliding off the shoulder. 


4. Unsafe lane changes/failing to keep in proper lane. Go ahead and check that blind spot. 

Making an effort to improve our driving habits by being aware of these four habits could make a big difference on our roads. Let’s make a concerted effort to do better.



Want to meet more Utah police officers? Get the wrong tint on your car windows and you’ll be seeing more police lights in your rear-view mirror.  

Southern Utah gets hot and tinting your car windows can take the edge off. However, before you tint, make sure you know the law in Utah and save yourself some pain. Southern Utah businesses that apply tint are familiar with the laws and will help you get the right level. 


If you are purchasing a car or truck and you are not sure if it is a legal level, you should talk to someone who can help you. Arizona, Nevada and California allow different levels of tint and bringing a vehicle from those states will get you in trouble in Utah. Even if you are traveling through with a car that is legal in another state, you can be cited. 

The level of tint is determined by how much sunlight it lets in through the windows. These allowable levels are detailed in the Utah code. Windshields can’t have less than 70% light transmittance. A front side window cannot have less than 35% light transmittance. 

Police officers will pull over a vehicle with too dark of tint as many a drug dealer has found out trying to smuggle illegal stuff through Utah. It seems like every other week some criminal is pulled over with super dark tint and they discover drugs in the car. 

If you get pulled over for a tint violation, you will be cited, and you may have to get the tint removed and show that you have complied with Utah tint laws. Take the time to make sure you have the right level and save yourself the trouble, unless you enjoy meeting new officers. 

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