Sunk in Sand Hollow State Park

Under the surface of Sand Hollow reservoir is a Volkswagen bus, a plane, along with sunken boats and a couple skeletons. There are pipes and an air tank with fins that look like a bomb.

Why are these items sitting on the lake bottom? These items were sunk so scuba divers can explore them. It is at the swim/dive park at Sand Hollow State Park and speed boats are kept away from the area. 

Watch Video of the Sinking of the Bus 

It is cool to see the video of the divers swimming through the VW bus, but this video of them actually driving the thing into the water is even better. They start out up on the bank and come flying down the sand and into the reservoir. (Some foul language)

It must have been early on when the reservoir was filling up or they towed it to a deeper portion as it seems to be sitting on the lake bottom at the end of the video. I like that they had the foresight to make a dive park early on.

The plane at the bottom was carried in by a crane and then they floated it to where they wanted it to sit. It would be a cooler story if it had crash landed there. Apparently the small plane had made an emergency landing in St. George, so I guess it technically did crash at some point.

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Before the reservoir was there, I used to camp at the base of the bluff that is now used for cliff jumping. If you scuba to the right place, you could probably find the ring of stones that made the fire pit.

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