Utah is Home to the Supernatural 

Jack Osbourne recently came to Utah to spend a night looking for UFO’s. The son of the heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne has been fascinated by the supernatural for many years. The Travel Channel recently sent Jack to McCoy Flats out by Vernal, Utah. 

The episode is named “Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror” and follows Jack and his group as they spend a night in Eastern Utah. During the night they spot a strange light moving across the desert landscape. The team comes to the conclusion something otherworldly may have paid them a visit.

University of Utah Confirms that Eastern Utah is a Place to See UFO’s 

A recent study done by the University of Utah where they looked at 98,000 different sightings of unidentified objects, found that the west is the best place to see something supernatural. Specifically places with dark skies like Eastern Utah. 

It also helps to have an unobstructed view of the sky which Utah’s eastern deserts provide. This is an area with low levels of pollution and the population is small, making it an ideal place for watching the skies. 

McCoy Flats History 

If you visit this area outside of Vernal you might want to bring your mountain bike or your paleontologist tools. It has some great mountain bike trails and is known for the discovery of dinosaur bones. 


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You could also bring some binoculars to spot a UFO or a star like Jack Osbourne looking terrified in one of the campgrounds. 

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