Where is your best chance to see a UFO in Utah? 

Several years ago, I was driving down State St. from Provo to Springville. It was after 10 p.m. and the road was dark with a slight drizzle. Suddenly I saw a huge bright light hovering 30 feet off the road and blaring through my windshield. I began to slow down as did all the cars around me as we were unsure of what we were seeing. 

As I slowly approached, I could see the light hovering over the sign of a gas station. Then I could see a large crane holding it.  

Turns out, it was a Hollywood production, and they were filming a Stephen King movie from his book “The Stand.” It was the scene where Trashcan Man burns down the gas station. Pretty cool to witness, but not as cool as what I thought it was when I saw that giant light over the road. 

Utah, with its expansive landscapes and clear skies, is a good place to spot unidentified flying objects. Here are some of the best places in Utah to increase your chances of spotting a UFO: 

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1. Skinwalker Ranch: Located in the Uintah Basin, Skinwalker Ranch has gained legendary status among UFO enthusiasts due to its long history of strange occurrences. Reports of UFO sightings, crop circles, and encounters with otherworldly beings have captured people’s imagination. 


2. Dark Skies Areas: Any of the State and National Parks that have been designated dark sky parks. These places limit light pollution and make it easier to inspect the night sky. These areas include Bryce, Brian Head and Kaibab National Forest. 

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3. Dugway Proving Ground: Situated in a remote desert region, Dugway Proving Ground is kind of like Area 51. Access to the area is restricted and some UFO enthusiasts claim to have seen unidentified flying objects near the facility's periphery.



4. Bonneville Salt Flats: Famous for its vast, flat expanse, it offers excellent visibility and unobstructed views of the sky. Many skywatchers have reported unusual sightings and lights over this unique natural landscape. 


5. Goblin Valley State Park: This peculiar park features bizarre rock formations, often referred to as "goblins." The park's remote location and minimal light pollution provide an optimal setting for observing the night sky. Visitors may witness mysterious aerial phenomena in this otherworldly setting. 

Looking at a map of where the most UFO sightings are reported, the Wasatch Front has the overwhelming amount. This is because there are so many people there and the likelihood of someone reporting is much higher. Wherever you are in Utah, keep one eye on the sky. You never know what might fly through. 


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