Movie Studio in St. George

With the production facility being built by Kevin Costner in St George for his "Horizon" project, there may be opportunities for local people to work as extras and other introductory jobs to the film industry.

The project was announced recently about the plan for the studios. It will be called Territory Studios and will feature a 70,000 square foot sound stage with a production warehouse, production offices, and even an onsite restaurant. It will be built out by the St. George Airport. 

Opportunities for Locals

This will bring other film projects to the area and if you have dreams of Hollywood, this will open up opportunities. One of my favorite stories is about a Utah actor and how he  was discovered when the movie “Footloose” was being filmed in Provo. 

Brian Wimmer worked at a restaurant where some of the crew for the movie would stop to eat. He became friends with them and joined the production as an assistant. One day they were testing out a new Lens on the camera and focused on Brian’s face.

From Gopher to Leading Man

When the footage was sent back to the studio in Hollywood, his onscreen presence impressed the producers there. They called and soon he had a small role that led to a couple television series and a some motion pictures. 

So, if you have always felt you were meant to be in movies, this may be your chance. Get a job as an extra and then try to stand in the place where they are focusing the camera. 

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