High School Like a Mall 

Washington County has Career Tech High School which provides local students classes in business, construction, culinary arts and much more. It is a new and pretty cool concept, but this school in Texas may have kicked it up a notch. 


It’s called Opportunity Central, and it is in the Forney Independent School District in Texas. It is much like Career Tech in that they offer hands on training in different fields than traditional high school. The one thing they add is real on campus business to work at. 

Work at a Restaurant or Automotive Shop 

This innovative idea has businesses on location kind of like a shopping mall. There’s a coffee place, a bakery, clothes and craft stores. Students can work at these locations and sell the products to the customers. That’s about as real world as it gets. 

Photo by Yeh Xintong on Unsplash
Photo by Yeh Xintong on Unsplash

Not only that, but they also offer university credit through Texas Tech and Dallas College so you can earn a college degree as you go to high school. There is also a program for adults where they can enroll and learn the same skills. There are programs like this in our schools as well.

Maybe We Should Put a School in Red Cliffs 

I’m not saying Washington County should do anything different with Career Tech High School. I think it is great and innovative. I’m just thinking retail stores are always looking for workers, what if we put a school in the shopping centers. 

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Of course, these may not be the careers kids are looking for, but you could probably teach bookkeeping and management. It might be cool to shop at a place that is teaching kids, make you feel like you're supporting a cause. 

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