Some in Palm Springs Don't Want the Giant Marilyn Monroe Statue 

There is a sculpture of Marilyn with her skirt blowing up from the movie “the Seven Year Itch”. It was originally put in Chicago and has since been moved to Palm Springs. This statue is 26 feet tall and weighs 34,000 lbs. Sorry, I know it is rude to mention someone’s weight.

It is called “Forever Marilyn”, and it was placed in front of an art museum. There have been many residents who do not like the statue. It is in a roadway and there have been protests about its location and for other reasons.

As you leave the museum, this is what you see. A 26’ foot tall view of underwear. There have been those who don’t appreciate the whole concept and feel it sends the wrong message saying it is sexually objectifying.

Opportunity For Southern Utah 

I don't know if Palm Springs will give it up, but if they do, it might be an opportunity for some other community.

We like our sculptures in Southern Utah. You can find local and national artists displaying their works throughout the city. Adding this giant Marilyn would fit right in. I’m not sure I would put it downtown though. 

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The perfect place would be outside the water treatment plant in Hurricane. The frequent wind would make it look natural. Placing it in front of this facility would give a whole new interpretation to the statue. It just might be the perfect spot.

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