AI has burst onto the national consciousness and is changing the world as we watch. This has fascinating implications in so many areas, opening new possibilities even here in Southern Utah. Figuring out new things you can do using artificial intelligence could set you up as we ride this new wave.  

Stories have come out about people using AI to replicate famous people’s voices to make them say whatever they want. You may have heard about the song featuring Drake and the Weekend that was blowing up the music services which turned out to be AI produced. Neither of those artists participated in singing the song. It was all AI driven and was immediately removed from streaming services when it was discovered. However, fans loved the song. 

Responding to this, the musician Grimes said she would allow people to make AI songs using her voice. She even offered files to create the AI version and said she would share the royalties with those who made songs with her voice featured. 

I don’t know if she is desperate for a hit or just really interested in art created in a unique collaboration. Whatever her reasons, I think it’s pretty cool and interesting. 

I have known several talented local artists who don’t quite have the whole package to break through. They might be great with lyrics, or their arrangements sound great, but they don’t have the voice. Think of what they could do if more artists like Grimes made their voice available using AI. 

If I were an artist sitting in St. George, Utah with talents making music, I would be exploring artificial intelligence. I would start by producing AI songs starting with Grimes. Who knows where this could go. It really creates new opportunities with talented artists on every level. 

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