Bald Eagles in Utah 

The nation’s official bird, the bald eagle, is amazing to see in the wild. The only time I have witnessed this is when I drove through Illinois. Living in Southern Utah, there is a lot less chance of spotting one of these majestic creatures. But it is not impossible. 

Bald eagles make their nests in the mountains and when the high elevations fill with snow, they come lower to escape cold conditions. The Division of Wildlife Resources says at certain times of year there are hundreds of bald eagles in the state of Utah. 

Can I See Bald Eagles in Southern Utah? 

One of the places bald eagles have been seen is at Quail Creek Reservoir. This body of water in Southern Utah is a place to see many migrating birds. All kinds of ducks take a rest here as they fly along their migratory route. I love some of the duck names, the bufflehead, goldeneye and all kinds of loons. 

With these migrating birds, the occasional bald eagle has been seen as well. These have happened in the colder time of year, but if you’re passionate about spotting birds, a little planning is not a big deal. 

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As cool as bald eagles are, seeing a golden eagle up close is something you’ll never forget. I say this because I was driving out of Kanab early one morning when the sun was just coming up.

Photo by Mark van Jaarsveld on Unsplash
Photo by Mark van Jaarsveld on Unsplash

Standing at the side of the road in amber glow was a stern looking giant golden eagle. It was stunning and I almost became a birder at that moment. 

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