Utah’s State Motto 

Do you have any idea what our motto is in the beehive state? I had no idea until I saw this site ranking all of the 50 states mottos. Thrillist ranked them with commentary on each that includes some harsh language. You have been warned. 

They ranked Utah’s motto as the 48th worst on the list.  This is where I learned that it is “industry”. That’s it, just the one word. Their comment on it is, “Do you even give a <bleep> Utah?” 


At Least We Beat Delaware and Maryland 

Delaware was at 49 with “Liberty and Independence” which they said didn’t take a lot of effort.

Maryland's is at the bottom with a motto that is in Italian and is somehow sexist. It translates to “Manly Deeds, Womanly Words”. I have no idea what that means. 

There are several states who have a motto that is in another language. Most of them are probably in Latin or the language of one of the native peoples. 

The Best State Slogans 

The top three are Kentucky with the motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. They said it sounds like a bucket of KFC.

Number two is New Hampshire with “Live Free or Die”. I think this is the best one personally.

They have Nebraska at number one with “Equality Before the Law”. Amen to that I guess.  

I am fine with Utah’s motto but maybe we could add something to it. “Industry Until We Die” sounds more committed. How about “Go Away If You're Not Into Industry”. Kind of draws a line in the sand like we are that passionate about it.

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