Top Ten Airlines Ranked 

WalletHub has come out with their top ten airlines for 2024. They based the rankings on reliability, comfort, affordability and safety. Alaska Airlines is number one and coming in at 2nd place is SkyWest Airlines. 

If you don’t know already, the headquarters for Skywest Airlines is right here in St. George, Utah. In fact, it all began here when Ralph Atkin bought Dixie Airlines in 1972. You can find their location across from Lowes on River Rd. 


What Makes SkyWest So Good? 

According to WalletHub, Skywest is high on reliability and affordability. They partner with major airlines to provide regional flights all over the country. Both of those qualities are important when flying, but I think their greatness comes from something more. 

Here’s their secret sauce. It’s all the good people living in Southern Utah getting the job done. I have friends and neighbors who work for SkyWest and they are the best. Of course, they wouldn’t be as great if they didn’t rub shoulders with the rest of us. (That’s not a dig on seat sizes). 

We All Deserve a Pat on the Back 

It’s like when a pro athlete or a famous movie star or an astronaut comes from your town. Everyone walks a little taller because in some small way we may have contributed. Fly high SkyWest and next year how about we beat Alaska Airlines for the top spot. 

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