Most Normal States List 

The Washington Post decided to crunch census numbers to find what is the most normal state in America. Which state best matches the demographics, income, religion, education and work ethic with the nation as a whole. 

Right at the top is Illinois. If you wander around this midwestern state, you are seeing the same mix as you would the rest of the country. Next on the list is Florida which seems kind of surprising seeing as most of the crazy human stories seem to originate there. 

Utah Was Way Down the List 

The beehive state wasn’t at the bottom of normal, that honor goes to Alaska at #50 just beating out Hawaii at #49. No, Utah was at #44 between Alabama and South Dakota. This is not good news for those of us just trying to blend in. 

There were two categories where Utah really differed from the rest of the country. Number 49 on social issues, as Utah has far more married people than those cohabitating. Number 50 when it comes to religion. This doesn’t come as a surprise, I think. 

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This ranking shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Anyone one who has recently moved here can tell you this place isn’t like where they came from. Having said that, it is not a bad thing to stand apart from the crowd.  

I kind of think Alaska and Hawaii are the cool kids when it comes to states. I’m alright with being on their side of the list. Maybe some of that will rub off. 

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