It's funny to see how you look to outsiders.

Have you ever been walking in front of a windowpane, you saw your reflection and for a moment you didn't realize you were looking at you? It's funny to see how we look from the outside.


Here is a list of suggestions for those visiting Utah. The items on the list came from advice of non-Utah residents telling travelers what to be ready for.


Do you agree with the items on this list?

  • Carry And Drink Lots Of Water, More Than You Think You Need.
  • Don't Hike Slot Canyons When Possible Floods Could Occur.\
  • Sports Are Important, But Fans Won't Show It.
  • Beware Of The Wildlife. There Are Many Desert Animals That Can Hurt You.
  • Traffic Rules Are Like The Wild West, Suggestions More Than Laws.
  • Always Wear Sunscreen: high elevations And Temperature will fry Your Skin.
  • Destinations Are Much Further Apart Then They Look Like On The Map.
  • Be Careful Driving Dirt Road, Utah Likes Rugged Off-Road Trails.
  • Utahns Have A Friendly Exterior But Like To Keep To Themselves.
  • Carry A Gas Can, You Don't Always Have A Convenient Gas Stop.
  • Every Town Has An Important Origin Story.
  • Add A Couple of Difficulty Points To Your Adventure, Utahns Underestimate Difficulty And Distance.

Some of these tips hit the mark for me, others make our state sound like an Australian colony. You can tell the focus is more on outdoor adventuring as they are looking for maps and gas stops, so I guess from that point of view some of them make sense.

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