Not What I Experience at Local Restaurant 

I went to dinner at a place in Hurricane that I really wanted to like. It had over 600 reviews and the ones I read exclaimed how good the service was and the authentic food was wonderful. My experience wasn't what they described. 

I ate at the Peruvian Flavors. The food was good, although they gave me a different dish than I ordered. I wanted something you would find in that part of the world but instead it was a dish that seemed like something I could get anywhere. 


Maybe I should have sent it back. There was a language barrier, and I don’t like making a scene. The food was good. What my wife ordered was yummy though the portions were good for someone who didn't want too much food. 

Why Was the Online Review So Off? 

The reviews seemed honest and real which makes me wonder if something changed with the place since it was written. Did I just hit it at a bad time? If I were to go again, would it stand up to what reviewers described? 

Maybe those who wrote the reviews are pushovers like me and don’t want to say something negative. Perhaps they focused on the good things about their experience and left the bad things unsaid. 

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My last option is that all reviews are a bunch of lies. Maybe the people who wrote them got their meals for free. Was it written by friends and family or is there a new service you can sign up for that will write you authentic sounding positive write ups? 

Whatever the answer is, I will probably continue to read the reviews anyway. Maybe with a bit more skepticism.

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