Gas Station Food 

I like to try food from grocery stores and gas stations. I admit that I am a bit weird, but to me it is like finding that secret place that most people don’t know about that serves an awesome burrito or chicken sandwich. This is usually the little separately owned fast-food place on the other side of the beef jerky. 

For me it is like stopping at the local malt shop when going through a small town. Sometimes you have to mourn that it probably represents the best food for locals, however, sometimes you find something unexpected and delicious. That’s how gas station food is for me. 

The Best Place in a Gas Station in Southern Utah 

This is the best place in Washington County I have found when it comes to gas station options. It is Ike’s Love and Sandwiches inside the Fabulous Freddies on Bluff Street. The portions are big and feature subs that are different and well thought out. 


I got the Jaymee Sirewich with fried chicken drizzled in BBQ sauce and ranch on sourdough. The chicken was hot and crunchy, and the sauces were sweet and made it juicy without being soggy. Every sandwich I have tried has been good although I can't pronounce half of the names. 

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I know I am not alone in liking gas station food as almost every location offers something hot and fresh to eat. Another place I enjoy is La Fonda Grill by the Texaco over by Coral Canyon. I know I haven’t tried every place in Southern Utah. What am I missing out on? 

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