It's time to start considering summer vacations, but with gas prices you might want to keep it a little closer to home. One attraction to consider is the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West.

The Skywalk is a U-shaped glass bottom walkway that starts at the visitor center, you walk out above the expanse of one of the wonders of the world and then loop back into the gift shop.

Grand Canyon West is privately owned by the Hualapai tribe, so there is a fee, but I actually liked that more because they were so welcoming treating us like a valued customers.

There are several packages to choose from Grand to Grandiose. The prices are listed here, or you can build your own vacation with activities ala carte. We chose the Grander Package that included the walk on the glass walkway and a meal at the restaurant which overlooks the canyon. I loved it and thought it was very much worth the price.

They give you little foot booties as you walk out on the glass walkway to keep the glass pristine and probably so you will do some household cleaning as you dust while you walk. You can walk as slowly as you want and can take pictures. They also have photographers if you want to leave the memory capturing to someone else while you enjoy the views.

It's only hours from Southern Utah.

There is also an interactive instructional park that you can wander through, gift shops, restaurants and a great view spot before you even get to the lodge where you can see why the area is called Eagle Point.

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