Where are the Best and Worst Losers in the U.S.? 

Nobody likes to lose. Watching your brother load up hotels on every good space of Monopoly makes you want to reach over and flip the board. Some of us are good at losing and some of us throw a fit. 

Captain Gambling looked at each state and how they reacted when they didn’t win. They asked participants whether they lost their temper or not. Overall, 49% of us get angry after a loss and 15% end up in a fight. 

We investigated which state copes with defeat the best and can be crowned the real winner in the game of losing. 

Bad Losers List 

You don’t want to be around in Arkansas when they take and “L”. A whopping 83% of people there said they do not take losing well. There is a lot of raging going on in the home of the Razorbacks. 


Right behind them on the list is Louisiana with 80% of them losing their cool and then we jump up north to Connecticut where 67% pop a blood vessel when it comes to losing. 

Two States Top the List of Best Losers 

People in Utah and Iowa are the calmest when it comes to losing. Only 17% of us throw a tantrum when things don’t go our way. We’re good losers here in the beehive state. 

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What does a good loser look like? The people in Utah handle losing with a joke and just laugh it off. Iowa, on the other hand, will ask for a rematch. I think that’s great. I’ll bet Utah cracks a joke and laughs it off even when we win.  

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Gallery Credit: Hannah Lang

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