Utah Third on Movie Obsessed States 

In a study of how many people searched the internet for movie information, Utah was in third place behind California and Texas. I can see California as they are probably looking for jobs in the industry with Hollywood located there.  

Taking third place is Utah, with an average monthly volume of 1,180 searches per 100,000 people.

They looked at searches for an entire year. They looked at different phrases and anything that had to do with movies. They even broke it down to the different genres searched. 


Utah’s Favorite Genre 

People in Utah searched the most for horror films. After that was musicals and then animated movies. There is a big divide between those searches. I can’t imagine those who are seeking out horror flicks are the same as the musical people. 

I’m surprised the animated movies weren’t searched more in Utah with a higher number of children in the state. But then most parents probably don’t need the internet to tell them about the latest cartoon. Their kids probably keep them up to date, and besides, there’s always a new sequel coming out that is a rehash of the first movie. 

States That Don’t Care About Movies 

Who was at the bottom of the list? South Dakota apparently doesn’t care to search for information on movies. They were the lowest with Mississippi and Louisiana just slightly more interested.

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