Canyonlands National Park Looking for Couple in Archeological Theft 

The sign said the area was closed, but that didn’t stop this couple caught on a trail camera from entering a historic cowboy camp. The footage shows them handling some of the items on display and allegedly leaving with some. 

Park officials have released stills of the two hoping that they will be recognized and the information given to authorities. It happened on March 31, in the Needles section of the park. If you were visiting Canyonlands during that time and saw them, you are asked to call the National Park Service.

What Is the Cowboy Camp? 

The Cave Spring Trail is about a mile long and takes you in a loop through the Needles part of Canyonlands. At one point you come to the Cowboy Camp which is in an overhang on one of the cliffs. It displays a stove, cabinets and implements from this era.

It is interesting to picture these men living for months at a time in this small cutout. The items displayed are over a century old and in the video, the couple handles several of the pieces causing damage. There are also parts of the display missing.  

You have to wonder about people who seem to think whatever they find must be theirs. They appear to have no regard for those who come after them.  

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In this day and age there are cameras everywhere, even what seems like a trail in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it is the only thing that will stop this kind of bad behavior. 

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