If you feel like there are a lot of businesses under construction or opening up in Southern Utah, you are not wrong. And the reason why may be contained in a Wallethub study of the best small towns in the United States to open a business. Of the 1,300 towns listed, the top three are all in Southern Utah. 

#1 Washington, Utah

#2 St. George, Utah

#3 Cedar City, Utah

That’s a clean sweep of the medal podium. In fact, if I counted right, there are 27 Utah cities on the list and those are all towards the top. 

To determine the best small cities to start a business, WalletHub compared the business-friendliness of more than 1,300 small-sized cities. Our data set of 18 key metrics ranges from average growth in number of small businesses to investor access to labor costs. 

Where all of the Utah cities did best is in the business environment category. This has to do with length of work week, commute times, start-up capital and the variety of businesses. I would guess some of this credit can go to the state of Utah and the business-friendly laws. 

Photo by Huma Kabakci on Unsplash
Photo by Huma Kabakci on Unsplash

Focusing on smaller cities may seem to limit how viable big cities are, but as the article points out, sometimes bigger isn’t better. They note that smaller cities can give you a better chance to succeed when opening a business.  

It seems clear by the businesses being built and opening in Southern Utah, that people have realized the opportunity. 

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