Fossils are Animal Parts that Have Become a Rock 

It is awesome to find something from the distant past like a fossil. It takes you back to an earlier day. One fossil you can find all over the world is shark’s teeth. These are fossilized little teeth that, you guessed it, come from ancient sharks. Surprisingly, they can even be found in Utah. 

Why are shark teeth in a mountainous state like Utah? Either sharks used to walk on land or the place was once covered with water. Personally, I think all fish once had legs and carried their water on their backs like a camel. It's a working theory. 

Where Can I Find Shark Teeth in the Beehive State? 

Anywhere You Find Fossils in Utah, you will probably find shark’s teeth. Eastern Utah by the Colorado line is a good place to look. This place near Delta called U-Dig Fossils is a great place to take the kids and discover trilobites and the occasional shark's tooth.

This picture is near Tropic Utah. It is a small town just above Bryce Canyon.  You can see the shark tooth embedded in the rock. It is one of three they found that day.

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You can also find shells and other aquatic life all over the state. It does take a keen eye and plenty of patience. If you do it long enough, it becomes second nature. I hope to one day find a fossil of a fish with legs intact. Then those paleontologists will stop laughing at my theories.

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