Human Prints Discovered in the Utah Desert 

Footprints discovered in Utah have confused the model for the age of humans and when they first came to North America. These 88 footprints of adults and children were found in the salt flats of a training range for the military. 

Using dating methods to date the tracks, including radiocarbon dating of seed layers around and below the tracks, scientists determined the prints were 12,000 years old. This is concrete evidence that humans were in North America earlier then the established model.

What This Means 

The current paradigm says humans were first in Africa and then spread to the rest of the world. If humans were in North America earlier than expected, it confuses this model. Many have believed the timeline was wrong and the prints give hard evidence to this belief. 

It also brings into question earth models that tell of catastrophes that wiped out early human populations on this continent. These prints show that humans came through these destructive periods and were having children. They found an early use of tobacco near where the prints were found. 

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The question of whether these footprints will cause scientists to change their models or if the paradigm will cause the discovery to be shoved aside as anomaly, is yet to be seen. Since these were discovered in 2022, it may be the second. 

There is a connection to seeing footprints from humans from long ago. Ancient peoples wandering along a sandy beach with their kids is something most of us can understand.  

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