A Unique Fossil for that Unique Individual 

Here is the gift for that person who has everything. I’ll wager they don’t have this ancient fossil found extensively in Utah. It is also perfect if you want a secondary message delivered to the person you are gifting. It is called Coprolite and it has a unique history.

Coprolite is a scientific sounding word that comes from combining two Greek words Kopros and Lithos. Together they read as “dung stone” in English. That is what it is, a fossilized piece of dookey. Before you roll your eyes, these are from ancient animals including dinosaurs. 

Where Can I Get Some of this Coprolite? 

You can order a piece of fossilized dinosaur dung that is polished to a shiny brown tear drop for as little as $50 on the internet. Less prepared pieces can be found in gift shops like this one over by Kanab at the Moqui Cave Museum of Ancient History for just $12 each. 


Your other option is to find some in the wilderness areas of Utah. Look for places where other fossils can be found. The Coprolite usually appears like small black or brown rocks, but other pieces can look like a cow patty or a tasty dinner roll.  

How to Know if You Found Coprolite 

Most importantly, if you found a fossilized dropping, it should be a rock. Anything softer is of a more recent production. It also won’t smell like anything other than your normal rock smell. 


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If you want to know for sure if you found a piece, a chemical analysis by an expert can tell you. Somewhere there are dinosaurs shaking their heads at what we are collecting from their earthly legacy. 

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