Product Claims to Prevent Swimmer’s Itch 

If you have been to Sand Hollow State Park and swam in the reservoir, you may have come away with a rash or welts that look kind of like mosquito bites but itch even worse. It’s called Swimmer’s itch and comes from a parasite that burrows into the skin and gives you an allergic reaction. 

Swimmer’s Itch Guard is a creme that claims to prevent the parasite from burrowing into your skin. You put it on before you swim and as a bonus it comes in 30 SPF and so doubles as sunscreen. It says it is safe for kids and isn’t harmful to the environment.

Does It Do What It Claims? 

In my extensive research, which includes reading as many reviews online as I could find, and there weren’t many, it seems people have found it helpful. Some say it is a bit greasy but so is sunscreen. Others said it works great. 

Some entrepreneurial type should set up a stand going into the beach area selling this stuff at a profit. After a couple encounters with swimmer’s itch from the beach at sand hollow, I decided I was never going back. If this product works, I may consider it. 

Do You Visit Sand Hollow Regularly? 

If you are someone that spends a lot of time at this reservoir, I would like to know your strategy for avoiding the itch? I would also like someone to try Swimmer’s Itch Guard and see if it keeps the parasites away.  

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You could even shoot a YouTube video documenting your test and send me the link. Consider it your quest to benefit the human race and their enjoyment of warm lakes. 

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