AI Fast Food 

Going to lunch has become increasingly expensive. When the cost of goods goes up it puts pressure on fast food places to either raise their prices or try to find a place to save money. California recently raised the minimum wage in their state to $20 per hour. 

Other states will likely follow their lead putting more pressure on these businesses. Using automation to require fewer workers is one way food businesses are looking to save money. The self-order and self-checkout lines are examples of these. But it is not just the front-line jobs that are threatened by having computers do the work. 

AI in Training and Management 

One aspect of business that is always an ongoing need is training new hires and keeping workers up on the latest product. A story from Fox Business looked at how the Yum! Brands that own Pizza Hut and Taco Bell is using artificial intelligence in these areas. 


They are testing a program that uses AI to interact with an employee and shows them how to make a pizza or training on how to maintain a soda machine and any number of tasks. It is called the SuperApp and If it works out well, it will replace some of the duties of a shift manager. 

Your AI Boss Has Posted the Schedule 

This App could potentially do the employee scheduling and order needed ingredients to stack the shelves. If it can take over many of the duties of a store manager, think what it could do on a corporate level.  

I’m guessing an AI CEO could spit out pithy emails to inspire and motivate company employees. And it would take seconds to come up with a daily mission statement all at significant savings.  

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