Where Is the State with All the Peaks? 

There are many states with mountains. The highest ones in the lower 48 states are close to the same height and yet are in three different states, Washington, Colorado and California. Including Utah, these are all states with plenty of mountains. 

Those peaks would be Mount Rainier, Washington at 14,411’, Mount Elbert, Colorado at 14,439’ and Mount Whitney in California with an elevation of 14,505’. It is kind of wild that they are so close to the same height.

You may think Alaska. It has Denali, the highest peak in North America at 20,310' and some massive mountain ranges. Nope, Alaska isn’t the state with the title “mostly mountains”. So, what mountainous state takes the prize for the most mounds of rock percentage wise? 

Photo by Joseph Cantwell on Unsplash
Photo by Joseph Cantwell on Unsplash

Look East of the Mississippi 

There is a state that has over two thirds of its territory covered in mountains. Of course, those of us who live in Utah may not be impressed by the Appalachians, they are considered mountains with some amazing hiking and biking.  

The state is West Virginia, the home of West Virginia University Mountaineers, an appropriate mascot apparently. I have driven through these mountains, and they are beautiful even though we might call them just big hills comparatively.  

Now you know. If someone asks you what it is like living in Utah, make sure the person you are talking to isn’t from West Virginia when you start bragging about all the mountains. 

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