Utahns will be able to get to California 2 hours faster.

The construction of a speed train from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is underway. The groundbreaking ceremony happened recently accompanied with a golden spike activity done by city and company officials.

This train is predicted to carve two hours off the trip. Two hours, would that be enough for you to leave your car in Las Vegas to get to the coast?


As a habitual beach bum wannabe, I was super excited when I first heard of this concept. I mean if I could get to the beach in 4 hours instead of 6, I could make a day trip out of it. Friends who live in Las Vegas say they do it all the time, start early, spend a fun day at the beach and then drive home into the night.

Brightline West will go from Las Vegas, Nevada to Rancho Cucamonga, California; mostly following the path of Interstate 15.


Not only would you save time, but you could nap while the train gets you there and back again making early departure from Utah less taxing. If the train made it possible to get to the front gate at a Disney park on the same day how many Utahns would purchase an annual pass?

Before you start lining up to get your tickets the expected finishing date is in 2028 so in the meantime you are going to have to get up early, make a road trip including potty and food stops and be the road warrior you were meant to be.

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