Thrillst took a look at the most haunted U.S. states. I think the title is a little misleading. They are not saying these states are possessed by evil spirits. If that were true, Washington DC would have to be somewhere on the list. This is what they looked at:  

To do so, the team evaluated each state based on the number of Spirit Halloween stores it is home to, how many haunted house attractions it has, how highly rated those haunted houses are, and the volume of search results for its most haunted location. 

California was number one on the list. They have tons of Spirit Halloween stores and of course, tons of attractions. Here’s number two...Utah. Get out of our way California, we are a Halloween juggernaut coming through.

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We love Halloween in the beehive state. Even though Utah doesn’t have that many stores, and not as many attractions, it is still in the second spot. The difference is when we do build haunted houses, they are top notch. We also seem to be constantly looking for haunted places in the state. 

When I was a kid in Provo, there was an outdoor auditorium behind the state mental hospital that looked like an old castle and they put a haunted house there in October. The rumor was they let some patients be part of the scarers. It only lasted a few years, but it was incredible. Maybe it set the bar high, because Utah has awesome haunted houses.

Add our searches for haunted place, the article mentions specifically how many people Google Utah’s Union Station, and it puts a second on the list. We do seem to have an obssession with the supernatural.

There are also many attractions and whole neighborhoods dedicated to the spooky holiday like these you can check out. If you have never been to Frightmares at Lagoon, it is well done and just looking at the costumes of the patrons is worth the visit. 

Shrunken Head Halloween Punch

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