People in Utah are getting behind the Bidet. It’s become a movement ever since the pandemic showed grocery shelves wiped clean of toilet paper. Ok, I’ll stop.  

The Bidet continues to grow in popularity in the United States as more consumers give the toilet accessory a try. You can buy a toilet with the feature, affordable versions are available that hook to your current porcelain, or a travel version that you can take with you to the in-laws. 

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For a long time, Americans resisted the bidet, perhaps because it was more of a Europe thing. Also, the older versions were stand-alone, taking up more of your bathroom space. Now, with bidet’s installed inside the toilet, or with a wand that extends from the wall, the space is no problem 

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Bidet sales spiked during the pandemic according to Henry Plumbing Co and then leveled off at about 12% growth since then. Interestingly, bidet use is higher in the southern part of the United States. That stumped me for a minute, but I think I understand why. 

The cheaper bidets, the one you can get at Home Depot for under $50, don’t have heated water. It is not a big deal if water coming from the pipes is reasonably warm, but the water coming from a pipe in Pennsylvania mid-winter, that would wake you up. No wonder they don’t use them in northern and mountainous western states. 

In the St. George area weather cold enough to cool your pipes is not a problem. So, I’m guessing here in Washington County we lead the sales of bidets in Utah. I did an informal survey of people here at the radio station and out of 15 people, 2 have bidets in their home. Another 3 knew someone who did. 

I have owned a bidet since the pandemic, and I will never go back. No pun intended. 

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