Makers of the Mario Kart Ride-On Racer Issue a Recall 

Around 17,500 of these plastic vehicles powered by a 24-volt battery were sold to people who bought them for their children. They have reports of the gas pedal getting stuck by debris and resulting in kids hitting stuff. 

Anything that endangers children should be taken seriously and I am glad this company has issued a recall. There have been fifteen reported incidents and one injury which was described as a “chafed hand”.

What Should You Do If You Have One?

If you have purchased the toy vehicle, this is the information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and what to do about it. There is also a picture and description of the product. 

It is red white and blue and looks like the one Mario drives around in the popular video games.

Consumers should immediately stop using the 24V Ride-On cars and contact JAKKS Pacific to receive a free repair kit. The repair kit includes a free replacement pedal with installation instructions. 

Recommended Investigation into Who is Responsible 

These are my suggestions to get to the bottom of what happened to the Mario Kart Racers. Check surveillance footage for Bowser visiting the plant where the product is made. Also, see if any turtle shells or banana peels were thrown anywhere in the vicinity. 

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With some detective work I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this. I'm looking at you Donkey Kong...

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